Chapter Library

Available to all Chapter Members

A 10 module training program
from Carson Dunlop 1997-2000
(A training CD is enclosed in modules 1-9)

  1. Roofing
    2. Exterior
    3. Structure
    4. Electrical
    5. Heating I
    6. Heating II
    7. A/C and Heat Pumps
    8. Insulation and Interior
    9. Plumbing
    10. Communications and Professional Practice.

Additional Books and tapes:

    12. Mold (includes 2 video tapes)
    13. Carson Dunlop Exam Prep
    14. Tapes from ASHI National Seminar 2000. 5 tapes
    15. Tapes from ASHI National Seminar 2000. 8 tapes
    16. NY Metro ASHI Seminar 1999
    17. NY Metro ASHI Seminar 2000

Library Sign-Out Guidelines.

  • Books and tapes can be signed out (one at a time).
  • Books and tapes shall be returned at the following HVASHI meeting.
  • The librarian will hold a $300 security deposit as a retainer. It will be returned when the book, tape, or CD is returned in its original condition.
  • Checks should be made out to¬†HVASHI.
  • A $25 penalty will be incurred if the module is not returned on the expected due date. This penalty will be charged for each additional due date. If any penalties are incurred, the treasurer will subtract the amount from the $300 security deposit and the balance will be returned to you.
  • If you have any questions or want to reserve, call Bill Hughes at 845-897- 5556